• CoSN’s Early Career K-12 CTO Academy

    Do you have - or know of - an early career CTO with less than 4 full years of experience? CoSN has a unique professional development opportunity for new technology directors - the Early Career K-12 CTO Academy. The year-long program builds a support system where new CTOs have access to resources and support that meet their unique needs. We also accept aspiring EdTech CTOs.  Email Donna Williamson or Jill Brown for more information.

    This blended learning model consists of:  

    • Mentorship – a thought partner/mentor to match your specific needs 
    • Two virtual events per month beginning in October  that include deep dive discussions and practical activities 
    • Capstone project (select projects may be featured at the CoSN  Conference)
    • Private online community consisting of past and current cohort members and mentors
    • Event at the CoSN  Conference that will acknowledge participants' completion of the program

    The  content is aligned with CoSN's Framework of Essential Skills and to the immediate needs of an early career K-12 CTO.  Topics includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Leadership and Vision
    • Finance and Budgeting
    • Communications with an emphasis on soft skills
    • Partnering with Curriculum and Learning
    • Infrastructure
    • Data Privacy and Security

    The Deep Dive Discussions include but are not limited to the topics below:

    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in EdTech
    • Data Privacy Follow-up and AUP Policies and Enforcement
    • Managing People: IT and HR (Motivation, Vision & Buy-in)
    • Finance and ERATE
    • Project Management
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Long Range Planning
    • Technology Plans
    • Cyber Security