• Essential Questions

    1. What is the problem, challenge, opportunity, or issue facing your district/institution that you would like to research and address? 
    2. Why is it a concern?
    3. What is the intended outcome?  (A solution to a problem? Address of a security concern.  Revised Technology policy? An opportunity for a new Technology program?  A roadmap for your department? A new type of Technology related PD. Etc.)
    4. How will your work benefit your district?
    5. Describe progress to date/Results of implementation of the project. (How will it impact students in your district?)
    6. Identify resources you used for your work? 

     Ignite Session Format and Specifics

    1. Each Academy participant or group of participants (this can be a group project) will be given 5 minutes for their Ignite session.
    2. Each Academy participant or group of participants should review his/her presentation with his/her mentor prior to presenting to the entire cohort in February.
    3. Each presentation should include applicable pictures.
    4. Each presentation should include an opening slide with a picture of the presenter(s), district(s)/institution(s) represented, contact information, date, and CoSN Academy logo.
    5. Each Ignite presentation should include 20 slides.  
    6. Each slide should automatically transition after 15 seconds but we are not holding firm to that guideline.
    7. How To Give a Great Ignite Talk Article

    A selection of Ignite talks may be presented at the CoSN conference.  Specifics will be available closer to conference time.