Capstone Projects --Video Recaps

  • As part of the CoSN Early Career K-12 CTO Academy, each participant creates a 5-Minute talk on a project they are working on in their district.  Academy Thought Partners and the Academy Facilitator share their experience and expertise in an effort to compliment the work being done,  The Academy participants have great solutions for real problems in their districts.  Take a look at these creative solutions.

    • Budgeting and Finance--Tony Alvarez chose to develop a tool for managing the technology budget in his district.  He has found that this tool has been a launch point for productive conversations with his CFO.  Click Tony's name to see a 5-minute glimpse into his work.
    • Building a Team--Amy Sterckx had the same problem many CTOs face--lot's of work but limited staff.  Amy developed a program that utilized students to repair Chromebooks and run a student led technology help desk.  Beyond the technical expertise these student's are bringing to the district, they are seeing their own greatness and being given great opportunities.  Check out her 5-minute talk.
    • Creating a Unified Learning Platform--Angie Potts learned very quickly during remote learning that her district needed a unified learning platform to promote communication, collaboration, and participation in student learning.  Check out of 5-minute presentation on the process they are using to achieve success!
    • Compliance with State Law--Jeremy Wickham faces the challenge of complying with Illinois SOPPA law which goes into effect Summer 2021.  Check out the process his district is following to achieve compliance and to protect student data privacy.
    • Technology Lifecycle Plan--Kyle Flaherty understands the importance of of a technology lifecycle plan.  He outlines his planning process in this short 5 minute video.  Check it out!
    • CyberSecurity Playlist--Susan Brandt developed a CyberSecurity plan for her district.  She has tied in fun songs to brighten you day (or night) as you stress out over this very serious topic.  Song links are not available in the video so we are also linking to the PowerPoint file with "hot" links.