• CoSN’s Early Career K-12 CTO Academy

    Do you have - or know of - an early career CTO with less than 4 full years of experience? CoSN has an unique professional development opportunity for new technology directors - the Early Career K-12 CTO Academy. The year-long program builds a support system where new CTOs have access to resources and support that meet their unique needs. We are looking to form our second cohort for 2020-2021!

    This blended learning model consists of:  

    • Mentorship – a thought partner/mentor to match your specific needs 
    • Two virtual events per month beginning October 2020 that include deep dive discussions and practical activities 
    • Capstone project (select projects will be featured at the CoSN 2021 Conference)
    • Private online community consisting of past and current cohort members and mentors
    • Event at the CoSN 2022 Conference that will acknowledge participants' completion of the program

    The online and face-to-face content is aligned with CoSN's Framework of Essential Skills and to the immediate needs of an early career K-12 CTO.  Topics includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Leadership and Vision
    • Finance and Budgeting
    • Communications with an emphasis on soft skills
    • Partnering with Curriculum and Learning
    • Infrastructure
    • Data Privacy and Security

    The Deep Dive Discussions include but are not limited to the topics below:

    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in EdTech
    • Data Privacy Follow-up and AUP Policies and Enforcement
    • Managing People: IT and HR (Motivation, Vision & Buy-in)
    • Finance and ERATE
    • Project Management
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Long Range Planning
    • Cyber Security